A Speedy Guide to Makeup

Oh hey!! I'm a mom, and I work, and I like to work out, and I like to sleep as much as possible. I spend exactly 9 minutes on my makeup every day. No joke. I want to look polished, but I don't need to or want to look made-up. I like to just enhance my favorite features, and give my skin a little boost with a light foundation.

If you're in a makeup rut and live near a Nordstrom store, I would HIGHLY encourage you to make an appointment for a makeup refresh (you can book them online!) They'll show you the ropes, and there's no pressure to buy anything you don't love. Plus, it always feels amazing to learn from an expert.

My goal when I put on makeup is that people notice ME, not my makeup. A huge tip is this- shop around for right right foundation for you (again, a beauty stylist is an excellent resource here) and then use colors (blush, lipstick, eyeshadow) from one company. Think of it like paint by numbers. When you are using colors from the same pallet, you're taking all of the guesswork out of it!

I personally love colors from Bobbi Brown. They're effortless and photograph well. Plus, they easily transition from day to night. As you'll see in my product link, I don't wear eyeliner. I actually use the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick as my bronzer/highlighter/eyeshadow/and eyeliner. With the right brushes, that little pallet does everything!



order of application

  1. After finishing my skincare routine, I apply foundation, followed by concealer anywhere that needs a little extra help
  2. I use a large fluffy face brush to sweep the shimmer brick along my cheek bones (darkest color at the bottom, highlight at the top)
  3. I use a blush brush, and apply blush to the apples of my cheeks with a HUGE smile on my face
  4. Fill in my brows, and comb them so the hairs are all going the right direction
  5. Using an eyeshadow brush, I swipe the middle colors from my shimmer brick onto my eyelids
  6. Then, I use an angled stiff brush to apply the darkest color of the shimmer brick to my lashline
  7. Swipe on 2 coats of mascara
  8. Brush my teeth (this is just where I always brush my teeth)
  9. Apply lipstick, and walk out the door!

That's literally it. And I suppose the actual makeup part takes 7 minutes because I spend 2 minutes brushing my teeth at the end. The right tools do make a huge difference, so invest in a few quality brushes to make sure those colors end up where they need to go.

I wear Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink lipstick almost everyday, but I swap for Dior 'Darling' when I want a little extra pop of color. Bonus, both of these colors make your teeth look extra pearly white!

What are your makeup bag must haves? How long do you spend on your beauty routine in the morning? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Terra