Commuter Must-Haves: What I use to stay comfortable on my multifaceted commute.


Planes, trains, and automobiles. How do you get to work? My daily commute consists of a bus, a ferry, and a walk. Staying organized, dry, and comfortable are KEY to starting my workday on the right foot. 

Our Pacific NW weather has a mind all it's own. On any given day my commute can consist of rain, sun, wind, sometimes snow. My main goals while commuting are to keep my hair dry (hello frizz), get to work with my hands free, and ideally arrive without being too sweaty from the walk.

Here are my MUST HAVE commuter items for our crazy Seattle weather. These items are tested and approved by yours truly! 


  1.   A backpack that holds everything. I mean everything. I love this Everlane backpack because it holds all I need with room to spare. On the daily, I carry breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks, an umbrella, a notebook, a clutch (with my wallet and whatnot) and a coffee cup. I can easily fit it all into this backpack, and HELLOOOOOOO it’s only $48!
  2. A rain jacket that doesn’t make me sweaty. My North Face rain coat keeps me dry, but is also breathable. I can layer a sweater underneath for colder months, or can just wear a light layer underneath in the Spring.
  3. Wireless headphones. If I’m not recording a morning walk, I prefer to have my hands free with my phone in my pocket. I love these I.Am buttons because they have multiple ear pieces to ensure you get the perfect fit. A huge bonus is that the backs magnatize and stay around your neck if you take them off.  
  4. I wear a hat every single day. Wind and humidity will erase any resemblance of a hair style by the time I get to work. A light beanie keeps my hair from whipping in the wind, but isn’t so tight that my hair goes flat.  
  5. Comfy sneakers. I deal with hills, wonky sidewalks, and sometimes the occasional jog if I’m running late to the boat. I only make my commute in sneakers to quicken my pace, and also to save my feet (and my work shoes) from overwear.  

Let me know- how do you get to work? What are your commuting must haves?  

Happy Travels! 

xo, Terra